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SOT Pelvic Blocking

This technique is used to help relax the muscles in the pelvic area so that they can come into better alignment on their own.  The hip bones can come out of alignment through normal daily functions like sitting, lying and walking.  We have unconscious muscle patterns that together create our posture and movement patterns.  If these patterns have imperfections in them, over time our body will actually distort our upright posture in order to keep our head level with the horizon.  These postural distortions can occur in the pelvic region by having a high and/or a low hip bone.  SOT blocking is a great way of helping these bones to come back into proper alignment.

What to expect:

The practitioner may check the length of your legs while you are laying face down.  He will then place two padded wedges underneath your hip bones, one on each side.  One will be placed higher and the other will be placed lower.  You will be left in this position for about 5 minutes to allow the muscles to relax into their normal position.  There should be no pain associated with SOT blocking.  Sometimes the muscles may feel like they are being stretched, which is the desired results of this technique.

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