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A technique being used by many different types of health practitioners.  Kinesiotaping (KT) technique works by placing specifically cut pieces of kinesiotape on the skin in such a manner that several things take place:  One, certain muscles are facilitated in their functions, meaning those muscles can more easily perform specific jobs allowing for the muscle/tendon to repair itself.  Two, certain muscles may be inhibited allowing the practitioner to change the patient’s posture or repair dysfunctional muscle patterns.  Three, the tape works with the Gate control theory of pain to help reduce pain felt by the patient.

What to expect:

KT is a very versatile technique.  It can be used on any part of the body for almost any type of injury.  After manually treating the area of complaint, the practitioner may decide the use of KT may be beneficial to the patient.  KT must be cut into various shapes and sizes .  There is no pain associated with the tape, even when it is removed.  It typically lasts for around 3-4 days. You are able to resume normal activity, even swimming while wearing this tape.

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